An Invitation to Our Three Winners' Ramadan Challenge

As we continue to cherish the legacy of Our Three Winners, we are excited to announce the creation of the Social Inclusion Institute and our partnership with UC Berkeley's Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and the Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project. The Institute and its programs have the goal of making sure that no one has to lose their loved ones due to hate.

The first program of the Institute is called the Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship which will be hosted at UC Berkeley's beautiful campus starting this summer. The fellowship engages policymakers and their staff members interested in debiasing, unlearning harmful stereotypes and narratives of different target groups, and creating more equitable policies that use research not tropes to formulate interventions.  

Our first cohort will include policymakers from throughout California and we will plan to expand our reach to other states and Congress over time.  

We know that you have played a critical role in how far we've come so far and we hope that you continue to travel down this exciting new path with us because we cannot do this work without your support. Together, we will eradicate bias - because our lives literally depend on it.