An Invitation to Our Three Winners' Ramadan Challenge

Ramadan is a month where the Muslim world unites as one to fast, pray and do good deeds. It is a time where Muslims show togetherness and is a period of great charitable giving. This year, Our Three Winners are asking you to join us in taking a stand in Standing Against Hate.


Our Three Winners is currently funding two great initiatives - The Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship and the DYOR Clinic. The Social Inclusion Policy Fellowship engages current and future policymakers and raises awareness about harmful stereotypes and narratives around minority groups. The goal is to see more equitable policies and government interventions through this initiative. Meanwhile, the DYOR Clinic is a clinic for refugees and low-income families in Raleigh, North Carolina and is in partnership with the University of North Carolina Adams School of Dentistry. For just $100, the Clinic is able to address all the dental needs of a patient and that can be life changing.


This Ramadan, we’re reaching out to you to help us support these great initiatives. Your funds will help us run the Fellowship in the coming year as well as continue to treat patients at the clinic. Both of these projects have values that lie at the core of what Our Three Winners stood for and helps their legacy live on.


Our hope for the next 12 months is to continue to support these efforts while expanding our list of grantees from two organizations to five. As we continue to buildd up our endowment fund, the increased returns on investment we receive will enable us to serve our mission of standing against hate for decades to come. The recent attacks on Asian Americans bring to light the importance of our work.


We know that you have played a critical role in how far we’ve come so far and we hope that you continue to travel down this exciting new path with us because we cannot do this work with your support. Please donate to our campaign as we aim to raise $50,000 and help us in ending bias, discrimination and bigotry. Together, we will prevent hate from thriving.